Curated Occasions

Special Occasions are a full sensory experience.  Events include dinners, brunches, cocktail events, tea ceremonies, and so much more!  Prepare to have a unique experience for every event!  Be sure to sign up and receive the Revel newsletter to stay in the know about what events are happening!

Pricing and locations will vary.


I know the importance of self care, how hard we can make it on ourselves to find the time to implement it and how it can change our lives when we make the choice to carve out that time.  I will be curating workshops to share my knowledge along with other wise women that want to make self care a collective consciousness. I hope to make taking care of ourselves a beautiful daily ritual that we will enjoy.  There are so many things that we can choose to take time and find beauty in and teaching you some creative ways to release stress and get your creative side flowing is a great way to get started!

If you would like to host a workshop, please contact Kindy.

Priced and locations will vary.


Much like a workshop but for a longer period of time to relax and enjoy a beautiful setting.  Each retreat will be an experience to remember and a resource for self care.  Retreats are set with the intention of slowing down, listening to what your body needs and doing just that— what your body needs.  Daily classes of meditation, movement, cooking, art and making your own body care products will be offered. Retreats will not expect anything of you, other than listening in and enjoying yourself to the fullest— whatever that may look like for you!

Pricing and locations will vary.