Wellness Guide

A wellness guide session will give you tools to balance your mind, body and spirit, collectively.  Creating balance in the body doesn’t only include a proper diet; it is important to remove stress triggers, incorporate daily rituals, movement, meditation and organize a clutter-free home and work space.

It is also important to carve out time to prepare your meals and enrich them with your own loving energy — cooking is an important form of nurturing and what better way to nurture yourself and your family. As you can imagine, the fresher your food, the more nutrients you will absorb — the same goes with energy. I will teach you simple ways to manage time and provide healthy, satiating recipes, so you can turn your cooking into a moving meditation, rather than a chore. Food is one way to fuel our body and an important piece of our daily routine. It is our individual choice to decide whether the food we ingest is poison or medicine. 

Each session will be individualized depending on what you would like to accomplish and what I feel is necessary for you to work on. The first session, we will sit down over some tea and I will gather information about your lifestyle, eating and exercise habits, get a feel for your home and see what needs to be shifted. From there, I will provide you with a simple daily regimen to get started with and you will decide how much work you would like to put into finding your balance. By choosing to invest in your own self care, you will learn to slow down, listen and create a lifestyle suited to your individual needs and in turn provide a more nurturing way of life. 

Initial session — $250 (up to 3 hours) 

Follow up sessions — $75/hr