Photo by: Heidi Ross

Photo by: Heidi Ross

My Story

My name is Kindy Girdley. I began Chic Pea Catering in 2009, Nashville's first organic and locally sourced catering company. Chic Pea has been a wonderful business and I am so thankful for all of my amazing clients throughout the years. It is time for a new chapter as I grow and expand both personally and in my business and I am very excited to share this new chapter with all of you. Revel, a culinary and wellness experience with a focus on balancing the mind, body and spirit, collectively. 

In my early 20's, my sisters and I lost both our parents to cancer. Through these traumas, I personally struggled with digestive issues, depression, headaches, allergies, chronic pain and adrenal fatigue. I tried many diets and eliminations to get myself back on track, but I was looking for external sources to "fix" me. Until I learned to embrace and love myself, just as I am, it wasn't possible to find the balance I was seeking and begin my healing journey. I learned late in life that I am highly intuitive and an empath, and that having these qualities makes me very sensitive. I had been fighting these beautiful qualities my whole life and I needed to learn how to embrace them and protect myself and my energy. As I learned ways to ground and protect, I was able to use these sensitive qualities to help me understand more of what I needed to incorporate and eliminate from my daily routine. This is an ever-changing process as we shift and grow — patience is important. We must slow down, love and nurture ourselves, just as we are. It is our choice as individuals to decide how we want to live our remaining time on this beautiful planet. We can fight and struggle and remain stagnant or we can grown and move fluidly with love and compassion. 

For several years I have been studying medicinal plants and herbs, Ayurveda, how to heal through food and multiple forms of movement, breathing, meditation, self care, daily rituals, organization and decluttering, for my personal use. I would now like to share the knowledge and tools I have collected over the years and help guide you on your path to balance.